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下载 Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser

Avast Software - 2.64MB (免费软件)
Avast Secure Browser strives to offer a ‘private, fast and secure’ service for Windows users. Simply put, this product has been built for privacy by s...
下载 1stBrowser


SIEN SA - 3.66MB (免费软件)
1stBrowser is another take on Google’s flagship Chrome browser. In fact, it has been built around Chromium, the same open-source code as Google Chrome...
下载 Avant Browser

Avant Browser

Avant Force - 4.33MB (免费软件)
Avant Browser is a standalone application designed to expand features provided by Internet Explorer. It adds a bunch of features and functionalities t...
下载 Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser

Baidu - 45.96MB (免费软件)
Baidu Browser (formerly Baidu Spark Browser) is based on Chromium, the same engine which runs Google Chrome. Although Baidu Browser has a standard de...
下载 Brave


Brave Software Inc - 138.47MB (开放源代码)
Brave is the brainchild of Brendan Eich (co-founder of the Mozilla Project). It’s a ultra secure, open source web browser that is based upon Chromiu...
下载 Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

Comodo - (开放源代码)
Comodo Dragon is a free Chromium technology-based web browser that takes security and privacy extremely seriously. It offers all the same features o...
下载 Comodo IceDragon

Comodo IceDragon

Comodo - (免费软件)
Comodo IceDragon is a Firefox-based web browser that delivers great security and blistering browsing speeds. Upon downloading IceDragon, you are given...
下载 Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser

Hidden Reflex - 1.75MB (免费软件)
Security is a big issue, and your privacy is a large part of it. There are a plethora of ways that you can ensure your privacy remains behind closed...
下载 Firefox


Mozilla Organization - 41.33MB (开放源代码)
火狐浏览器是一个速度快、占用内存小、设计美观的开放源代码 web 浏览器。在 2004 年,其公开发行后,火狐浏览器是第一个挑战了微软 Internet Explorer 主导地位的浏览器。自那时以来,火狐浏览器一贯成为在全球范围内最受欢迎浏览器排名前 3。火狐浏览器之所以取得了如此的欢迎度是因为其...
下载 Firefox 64-bit

Firefox 64-bit

Mozilla Organization - 42.69MB (开放源代码)
Mozilla Firefox is a fast, light and tidy open source web browser. At its public launch in 2004 Mozilla Firefox was the first browser to challenge Mic...